Our Approach: 

Social skills are probably one of the most important skills for children to develop before beginning school. Kindergarten can be overwhelming, with new children, new teachers, new settings, new rules and new routines. At Up, Up ‘n Away, we have created an environment for children to feel safe and secure and prepare them for these changes so that they feel more confident on their first day!

Through modelling and positive reinforcement, the children learn appropriate ways to interact with their peers and other adults. As our class sizes are small, this is the perfect opportunity for children to practice their social skills and a great way for us as teachers to target any concerns or worries you as parents may have. 



Following simple rules, taking turns, listening to others when speaking, sharing with others, engaging in games, playing with 2-3 children in a group, controlling frustration or anger, showing awareness of fairness and good/poor behaviour choices.